Top Actress Kim Hee Ae Calls BTS “Adorable” And Says You Should Stan Them Too

“Who doesn’t like BTS?”

In a recent interview with the Korean TV show Hanbam, actress Kim Hee Ae showed off her love for BTS and couldn’t stop calling the members “adorable”. In fact, when the production staff asked why she likes BTS so much, Kim Hee Ae reacted in the best way possible!


The discussion began when Kim Hee Ae’s interviewer surprised the actress with a BTS album. Upon receiving the gift, Kim Hee Ae pointed out that she stans BTS because there is nothing to dislike about them.

Why do I like BTS so much? Is there anyone who doesn’t like BTS? Whoever doesn’t like BTS, they’re the weird ones!

— Kim Hee Ae


Then, Kim Hee Ae shared that it makes her truly happy to see BTS members succeed in and outside Korea.

I can’t keep up with everything they do like ARMYs do, but I do love listening to their music. And I support what they do… They’re adorable. And they’re hard-working. So watching them succeed makes me feel proud… like a mom with sons, you know?

— Kim Hee Ae


The actress wished BTS the best of luck with all endeavors.

I really hope for the best for them. They have all the fans with them, so… I wish they continue to succeed.

— Kim Hee Ae


This is not the first time Kim Hee Ae spoke highly of BTS and called them her “sons”. It looks like the actress is really proud of the group and their growth overall!

Top Actress Kim Hee Ae Expresses Her Love For BTS and Wanna One


ARMYs are proud to have such a beautiful and talented actress like Kim Hee Ae supporting the group too!

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