These Four Top Girl Group Members Are Friendship Goals

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On the 27th of May via her live broadcast, MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul revealed that she was in a group chat with three other girl group members, a group that is adorably named “Egg Yolk”. The combination came as a surprise to many fans given that the group is pretty diverse in positions and age, with Moonbyul, a rapper born in 1992, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, a main vocal and dancer born in 1994, OH MY GIRL‘s Hyojung, born in 94 and is the leader and lead vocal of her group. The maknae of the group, APRIL‘s Naeun, is born in 1999 and is the undisputed center of APRIL.

Moonbyul explained that she was originally close to Seulgi, who then introduced her to Hyojung as the two were close. Moonbyul then said she started looking for someone to join the group given that she likes even numbers. Naeun came in as Moonbyul was asking around, and the cute unnie even shared that she was nervous while asking Naeun to join! She also continued that while they are still getting to know their newest addition, the girls are close together as a four.

The group is cutely named “Egg Yolk”, although Moonbyul does not give further explanation to the name. Check out their adorable friendship below!

Moonbyul and Seulgi were in a drama-reality mix type program together, alongside other girl group members and soloists such as OH MY GIRL’s YooA, Lovelyz‘s Sujeong and Jeon Somi.

When Naeun was an MC on “Inkigayo” and OH MY GIRL was promoting.

At an end-of-year music show, Hyojung greeted Seulgi excitedly.

The girls show their support for each other’s comebacks through Instagram stories! Moonbyul tagged Hyojung in her stories and wrote “oh-ho, oh-ho”, expressing her excitement for the release.

Similarly, Naeun tagged Hyojung and wrote “Candy Hyojung, fighting” making a reference to Hyojung’s nickname as “Candy Leader”, for her youthful looks!

Seulgi also expressed her love for “Nonstop”, posting a screen capture up with the words “The OH MY GIRL which I love”.

The girls also made sure to show their support for Naeun’s recent comeback, “LALALILALA”, a catchy tune about casting a spell to make someone fall in love with them. Seulgi posted an adorable “kyaangaaha”, expressing her excitement.

They also leave cute comments for each other like on Hyojung’s dance video which she uploaded to her Instagram, with Seulgi saying “Jjungie (Hyojung’s nickname) is cool~” and Hyojung replying, “Ddeulgi thank you!” Hyojung also replied “ah but this is supposed to be a sexy dance!” when Moonbyul commented that “everything Hyojung does in my eyes is cute”.


Are these girls friendship goals or what?

Source: Theqoo