Here Are The Top 5 Selling K-Pop Albums In South Korea For 2021

Are your favs on the list?

2021 was a year of many boy group comebacks. While we also had iconic stuff from girls such as BLACKPINK Rosé‘s long-awaited solo, most of the year was kept on the multiple releases from popular boy groups. Currently, the hottest boy groups in South Korea are BTS, SEVENTEEN and NCT. Let’s take a look at which releases dominated the charts in 2021!

The chart is for domestic retail sales. Of course, BTS‘s Butter topped the charts with 2,149,999 copies sold. SEVENTEEN‘s Attacca came in second at 1,685,508 and was followed by their previous album, Your Choice.

Top 5 local albums in retail sales. | Tifpi via theqoo

In 4th and 5th are NCT Dream and NCT respectively. The unit outsold the 2021 collaborative album by a narrow margin with 1,123,466 copies sold compared to 1,090,656.

Keep in mind that these numbers don’t include the albums sold through foreign retailers such as Amazon and Target. Congratulations to all K-Pop artists for an outstanding year!

Source: theqoo