Topshop’s New See-through Jeans Have K-Pop Fans Seeing Double

When Topshop recently unveiled their new pants, K-Pop fans noticed something that they hadn’t seen since Park Jin Young wore them.

British fashion retailer Topshop has released a rather unusual pair of jeans. They are made from plastic and are completely transparent, revealing everything the wearer has on underneath.

Topshop’s newest design may have been inspired by one of Park Jin Young’s famous outfits. / Source: Topshop

While this may have seemed like a novel idea to many in England, K-Pop fans were instantly reminded of the transparent plastic pants that Park Jin Young, founder of JYP Entertainment, wore during his days as a solo performer.

Park Jin Young even wore the plastic pants on stage which resulted in a broadcasting ban on his performance.

While Park Jin Young was not one to shy away from wearing outrageous outfits, his see-through jeans were definitely one his more iconic pieces.

Many have been left to wonder whether K-Pop may have provided the inspiration for this bold design.

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