Here’s the Touching Story Behind Bong Joon Ho and Song Kang Ho’s Inseparable Friendship

There’s a reason why Bong Joon Ho and Song Kang Ho are so loyal to each other.

With the worldwide success of Parasite, the story behind director Bong Joon Ho and actor Song Kang Ho‘s long and inseparable friendship is gaining attention in online communities.

Bong Joon Ho and Song Kang Ho first worked together for the film, Memories of Murder which was released in 2003.


But behind the successful film, there’s a long story of how the two ended up working together on what would become a huge hit.


Following the failure of Bong Joon Ho’s debut film, Barking Dogs Never Bite, he was not acknowledged as a good director at the time.

And in preparation for his next film, he wanted to cast Song Kang Ho was the lead.

At the time, Song Kang Ho was one of the hottest actors through the success of The Foul King and Joint Security Area.

Despite the fact that many successful actors turned down Bong Joon Ho’s requests at the time, Song Kang Ho easily accepted the offer, and there’s a reason behind it.

When Song Kang Ho was a nameless actor himself, he tried out for a film by which Bong Joon Ho was an assistant director.

And although Song Kang Ho failed the audition, Bong Joon Ho later sent him a message that stayed with him for a long time.

I’d like to work on a movie with you one day.

– Bong Joon Ho

As a result, when he received Bong Joon Ho’s offer many years later, Song Kang Ho didn’t hesitate to accept, which led to the success of Memories of Murder.

And once they bonded through that film, they worked on The HostSnowpiercer, and Parasite together.

The touching story is taking over online communities, with fans responding with comments such as “You really never know with human relationships“, “They’re partners matched in Heaven“, and “I want to see what else they work on in the future“.

Source: Insight