This Trainee Said To Be “The Hottest Visual” Of All Produce 101 Seasons Worldwide

What a face!

On the second season of the Chinese version of Produce 101 called Idol Producer in China, a trainee by the name of Yaochi soared to the top of everyone’s pick list as the strongest visual in the history of the show.

Korean netizens are also convinced that Yaochi’s gorgeousness is bound to take him places!

Wow, he’s f*cking handsome.

— Korean Netizen

In fact, the “producers” around the world are commenting that Yaochi is possibly one of the best looking trainees out of all the Produce 101 series in Korea, Japan, and China!

Yaochi comes with previous modeling experiences, which isn’t surprising considering his unrivaled beauty…

… and his towering height of 6’1″ (185cm) also guarantees a physique that is sure to capture some attention!

Unfortunately, Yaochi ranked #12 in the final evaluation and was not able to debut with the winning group.

Viewers hoped, however, that Yaochi will continue his endeavors to become an idol and that they will get to see him more active in the entertainment industry!

And their wishes were rewarded! Yaochi has since promoted on several television shows and movies, such as iQIYI‘s I Told the Spring About You.

Yaochi (2nd from right) | iQIYI
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