Popular Trans Korean Streamer Shares Her Pre-Transition Photos

Viewers were amazed.

A popular live streamer, named Sia, shared her pre-transition photos through her channel, Sia Sia TV. Sia, who is 27 years old (Korean age), is well known for confidently coming out as a transgender despite the conservative Korean society. During a particular episode, she opened up about her past career working at a real estate agency.

| @jinsia95/Instagram

While talking about her past, she revealed photos of herself before her transition. This was her 4 years ago!

She revealed more photos of herself, from as far back as 6 years ago.

She appeared to have been as successful in her real estate career as she is as a live streamer!

Sia Sia TV operates on both YouTube and AfreecaTV, with her YouTube account counting over 70,000 subscribers.

Source: theqoo