The Time TREASURE’s Doyoung Was Such A Huge Flirt With Teumes

Can we please be them?

TREASURE‘s Doyoung once flirted his way into everyone’s hearts with a witty pickup line. During a cafe event on TREASURE MAP, the group’s reality show, he showed off some amazing flirting skills with fans.

The fans had gotten a chance to see the boys up close and personal at a one-day cafe run by the boys. Two lucky fans immediately gushed about how handsome Doyoung was, upon meeting him.

Doyoung, of course, returned the favor and called the two girls pretty. He then took things one step further by asking, “Did you two come from Disneyland?

The girls were understandably puzzled at his sudden question.

It turns out that it was a pickup line, for he continued with the punch, “Two princesses have arrived.

Badumss. Who knew the 2003-er had it in him to be so flirty? We’d love for this smooth cutie to “be our BOY“! Catch the cute moment on TREASURE MAP below.