TREASURE’s Doyoung Used His Skateboard Around YG Entertainment’s New Building…And Looked Like The Coolest Person Ever

Did you know he had a “rebellious” side?

TREASURE‘s Doyoung isn’t just a great singer or dancer, he’s a dedicated skateboard athlete as well!

TREASURE’s Doyoung

During his solo TMI_LOG video, he filmed himself using his skateboard inside the new YG Entertainment building.

I usually walk around the YG building but I’m not always on foot. I ride this skateboard around. I’ll show you riding a skateboard around [the building]. I’ll film it in different angles.

— Doyoung

While skateboarding itself is a popular sport, it is usually restricted to the outdoors or skate parks. Using it inside a building is not often done unless one can skirt the rules a little!

Doyoung gave fans a unique perspective of the YG Entertainment building including spots that weren’t previously seen. He even made sure to give TREASURE Makers a heart during his ride.

With his smooth skills, it was obvious he’s done it many times before.

This isn’t the first time Doyoung showed off his skills on a skateboard, previously doing tricks with Yoshi and Jihoon.

It’s hard not to fall for him! Check out his full vlog below.

Source: YouTube