TREASURE Shows Their Incredible Love For Their Fans By Personally Handing Them Gifts They Chose During Their Fansign

They’re too precious!

TREASURE recently held their second offline fansign where they interacted with fans in person. As if these TREASURE MAKERS weren’t lucky enough to see them live, they were also treated to a huge surprise!

Towards the end of the event, the members broke the fourth wall and stepped down from the stage. As a twist of what usually happens during a fansign, the boy group was the one who approached their fans instead of the other way around.

Each of them carried a paper bag filled with snacks that they personally chose. They picked the favorites of each member so fans could feel the personal touch that went into preparing the gifts.

Best yet, TREASURE went around the venue to hand the bags to the fans one by one. Everyone who was fortunate enough to attend was able to see the boy group up close and talk to them even outside of their designated album signing time.

Jihoon commented that it was “a gift for TREASURE MAKERS who came here today.” They wanted to thank them for their time and effort in coming see the group in person.

We prepared a small event. We got a chance to give it to TEUMEs ourselves for coming to their first face-to-face fan signing event.

— Jihoon

For TREASURE, meeting their fans up close was “so fun” and it will “stay in [their hearts] for a long time.”

Check out how they looked in the fansign below:

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Source: YouTube