TREASURE Hilariously Admits They Fart On Stage And It Happens Way More Often Than We May Suspect

They weren’t shy to talk about it!

TREASURE has the funniest behind the scenes stories! Despite being a young K-Pop group, they don’t mind avoiding certain topics to protect their image, the funniest one arguably being about body gasses.

In fact, they recently revealed in a live broadcast that they even fart while performing on stage!

There are cases when we fart during music shows. Listen up, TREASURE, stop farting when we are performing on stage! The smell is so bad, I start to sweat and my body starts to freeze. I’m on stage and I think to myself, ‘What’s this smell?’ and everyone is performing so hard. Everyone pretends it’s not them.

— Jihoon

Yoshi laughingly let it be known that the members weren’t as cool as they appeared to be when performing the rock version of “MMM” in Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook last February 2021.

When we did the rock version of ‘MMM,’ when we had to stand up…I smelled something. Someone did [fart] right before my part!

— Yoshi 

Yoshi was pertaining to the end of the chorus right before his rap. The members were situated in a circle, kneeling down right beside each other. The culprit was either near Yoshi in proximity or let out a strong enough gas that it reached him from wherever he was!

He couldn’t do anything but stay focused because it was his turn to face the camera next.

When we laid down, I smelled something but I had to rap [so I couldn’t react].

— Yoshi

Until today, the TREASURE members still don’t know who let out the fart during their performance. One thing they made clear, however, was that it was neither the first nor last time it happened: “There were many moments like this. Three out of ten [stages].”

Check out the full video below to see the “MMM” performance in question for yourself!

Source: NAVER Live