Just TREASURE Babying Haruto While The Actual Maknae Junghwan Takes Things Into His Own Hands

We’d do the same too.

As many Teumes would know, the boys of TREASURE have a special part of their choreography that requires them to reveal their abs. While this may give fangirls heart attacks, the boys may feel differently when one special member does it!


During their relay dance on vertical cam for “I LOVE YOU”, Haruto tried to do something special for fans by hiding balloons under his shirt. However, the members immediately tried to protect him in case his abs were shown!

| YG Entertainment

During an aegyo battle on Weekly Idol, Haruto revealed a strip of his abs when he lifted his arms up to do a pose.


His hyungs immediately rushed to protect him. What a loved baby!


Fans were amused by how much the hyungs baby Haruto, when he isn’t even the real maknae. On the other hand, we have Junghwan, the real maknae, who took things into his own hands instead. He smartly used one hand to pull down the short shirt, while still carrying out the choreography.


Well, with how cute Haruto is, we can’t blame the members!