TREASURE’s Hyunsuk Was Spotted Wearing A Shirt Made In The Philippines, Here’s What We Know About It

Filipino Teumes, we won!

TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk is known as one of the fashionistas of the group who carefully picks each piece that he wears.

TREASURE’s Hyunsuk | @treasuremembers/Twitter

In his latest selfie, Filipino fans immediately zeroed in on the details of his clothes. He wore a red shirt with a jeepney—the most popular form of local transportation—and the words “Philippines” and “Mabuhay.” The latter translates to “long live,” a way to welcome people in the country.

| @treasuremembers/Twitter
| @treasuremembers/Twitter

The shirt he wore was from the brand Dibuho. He rocked it in their “Handpainted Jeepney Colored Graphic Tee” that retails for ₱799.75 PHP (around $16 USD).

| Kultura
| Dibuho Handpainted Souvenirs/Facebook

It can be bought online and offline in Kultura. Although it wasn’t clear how it got to him, it is possible that Hyunsuk found it himself or received it as a gift. The brand, after all, is particularly known for their hand-painted pieces that are often bought as souvenirs to remind people of the Philippines.

| Dibuho Handpainted Souvenirs/Facebook

Filipino TREASURE Makers took to Twitter to express their joy at seeing him patronizing local products.

When it comes to fashion and showing appreciation to one’s fans, trust in Hyunsuk to deliver!

| @treasuremembers/Twitter
Source: Kultura and Facebook