TREASURE’s Asahi Thought It Was Cold, And Jaehyuk Had The Absolute Perfect Response

So sweet!

Fans know all too well that TREASURE‘s Jaehyuk is one of the sweetest members of the group! He’s not shy to say what he thinks especially if it’s praise for his loved ones.

This was prominently seen in his solo TMI_LOG when he took fans along with him for the day.

Along with some of their fellow members, Asahi and Jaehyuk took a walk after eating a meal together.

Asahi and Jaehyuk

Since it was winter time, everyone was dressed in jackets. Asahi, one of the members Jaehyuk is closest to, commented, “It’s starting to get cold.” While others would acknowledge that they, too, were cold, or ignore it altogether, Jaehyuk was more astute.

His immediate thought was, “It’s cold? I’ll take my jacket off for you.”

What a gentleman! Though he was one hundred percent ready to follow through with his words, Asahi gently told him, “It’s okay.”

This is far from the first time Jaehyuk and Asahi were the sweetest to each other. In their one-on-one T-TALK episode, for example, the former easily complimented the latter’s gorgeous visuals.

Your looks are pretty exceptional. Did you say definitive features? I don’t know but yours are pretty exceptional.

— Jaehyuk

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube