TREASURE’s Jaehyuk And Asahi Did A Couple Chemistry Test…And Jaehyuk Did Everything To Get A Perfect Score

He was sly!

TREASURE‘s Asahi and Jaehyuk have great chemistry! The same-age friends have been close since pre-debut, hanging out often before, during, and after schedules.

Asahi (Left) and Jaehyuk (Right) 

The beloved pairing added another cute interaction to their history with a recent TikTok video featuring the two of them. Here, Asahi and Jaehyuk were tasked to form the same hand signals through telepathy, experience, or sheer luck. The more similar they were, the better their score on the “Chemistry Test.”

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Of course, it went without saying that they weren’t supposed to look at each other’s hands before the go-signal…but Jaehyuk ignored this completely!

He made sure to peek at Asahi the entire time so that their signs always matched.

At one point, Asahi held up his thumb while Jaehyuk had yet to do anything. The latter looked to the side, saw Asahi’s finger position, and copied him straight away.

The Japanese member seemed to have no clue about his actions—he was genuinely impressed when he saw both of their fingers in the right position!

Jaehyuk feigned innocence the entire time, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at their great chemistry.

With how happy they both seemed, it was a win for them no matter how the game was played!

Check out the full video below.


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