TREASURE’s Jaehyuk Just Can’t Understand Junghwan—Here’s Why

One thing about Junghwan just confuses him.

TREASURE sat down for an interview with YouTube channel MUPLY where they chose random questions for each member. Jaehyuk was the second to the last person to answer, and he considered his pick “legendary.”

He was asked, “While you were staying with your members, did you ever feel, ‘Wow, what’s wrong with him?'”

Jaehyuk immediately thought of one member and a specific example to go with him: Junghwan.

Jaehyuk just couldn’t believe how unaffected the maknae was at his parent’s good deeds. He revealed that they often take time off their own busy schedules to make sure their son is living well.

Junghwan is legendary since his parents come to our dormitory sometimes and they clean our space.

— Jaehyuk

Junghwan, however, didn’t seem to take their acts of kindness too seriously. The other members could only comment, “How sad!” while Jaehyuk shared examples of his faults.

I’ve never seen him keeping it clean for one week. Three to four days later, his room is messy with clothes.

— Jaehyuk

Junghwan didn’t have a proper comeback to his hyung revealing his messy habits. In fact, he praised the older member for always giving him food!

All the time, he has food on his desk. I bought them all…I’m not feeling bad about this. I’m happy to see him eating.

— Junghwan

To see more confessions, check out the full video below!