TREASURE’s Jihoon Inspired A Fan To Give Up Her “Dream,” Allowing Her To Discover Her True Passion

Jihoon was proud of his fan.

In a previous episode of YouTube channel HeyNew‘s series of K-Pop idols meeting with their fans’ parents, SEVENTEEN‘s The8 talked to a father who couldn’t understand his daughters’ fangirling.

The8 showed his wisdom by explaining that while he understood the father’s confusion, he hoped that he would make an effort to try and better understand his daughters’ interests. According to The8, the daughters and father working to understand each other better would lead to a closer bond.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 | @xuminghao_o/Instagram

TREASURE‘s Jihoon had a similar experience when he met with one of his fan’s mothers, who was adamantly opposed to her daughter’s fangirling.

Fan’s mother: Before she became a fan, she was just my daughter who was very diligent and pretty. But since liking Jihoon, she’s changed 180 degrees.

Fan’s mother | HeyNews/Youtube 

One of the reasons the mother was frustrated by her daughter’s fangirling was her switch from studying computer engineering to wanting to become a film director.

Fan’s mother: Jueun had a dream of becoming an engineering major, but she changed her career to become a film director.

TREASURE’s Jihoon and his fan’s mother | HeyNews/Youtube 

Rather than simply switching majors, the mother explained that her daughter pretended she was going “on a field trip to the broadcasting station” for her studies when she was actually attending one of TREASURE’s pre-recordings.

| HeyNews/Youtube 

Even Jihoon was shocked by that, although he did point out that her daughter hopefully still got to learn about different camera angles and the like while TREASURE recorded their performances.

| HeyNews/Youtube 

But as the mother kept reading her daughter’s letter, it became evident that she never actually wanted to pursue computer engineering.

Fan’s letter: The first time I met you was when I felt helpless and had a hard time. Uncertain future… The anxiety that came from there made me nervous every day. I put off my daily work under the pretext of helplessness. I think I was in a dilemma where I fell behind and became lethargic again.

| HeyNews/Youtube 

But when she discovered TREASURE and specifically Jihoon, she felt motivated again, seeing how diligently Jihoon worked to achieve his own dreams.

Fan’s letter: Then I watched [Jihoon’s] video, and I heard that he was lying down in the practice room, and when he heard that GD was practicing dancing, he woke up thinking, “Why am I lying down?” The story of the perfect oppa, the role model I admire, was shocking to me.

| HeyNews/Youtube 

Following the inspiration she felt from Jihoon, the fan decided to change her career path to something she felt passionately about.

| HeyNews/Youtube 

Jihoon also explained that while his parents had always been extremely supportive of him…

| HeyNews/Youtube  

Even he was nervous to tell them about his ambition of becoming an idol. So Jihoon entirely understood why his fan might have been hesitant to tell her mother about wanting to study film instead of computer engineering.

| HeyNews/Youtube 

And the fan’s mother ultimately admitted that she guided her daughter to study computer engineering, rather than letting her daughter find her own passion.

Fan’s mother: The reason why Jueun wanted to go to computer engineering is not because of her dream but because I recommended it to her. I think she was influenced by these things and expressed her difficulties.

| HeyNews/Youtube 

Jihoon sincerely complimented his fan for finding her true passion, having the courage to speak to her parents, and pursuing what she wanted to do.

Jihoon: I want to compliment Jueun for being able to talk to her parents and move to another department.

| HeyNews/Youtube 

Certainly, many more fans have been influenced by Jihoon’s incredible dedication to being an idol.

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