TREASURE’s Visual Line Held An Aegyo Battle…And Ended Up Showing Vastly Different Charms

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TREASURE recently guested on Weekly Idol to promote their latest title track “JIKJIN,” grabbing everyone’s attention with their skills and lovable personalities.

TREASURE | @weeklyidol_/Twitter

One of the most memorable segments was an aegyo battle featuring the visual line of TREASURE. First up, Jaehyuk and Haruto were assigned to do two different renditions of “Kwiyomi (Cute Number Song).”

Unsurprisingly, Jaehyuk was the definition of cute! He did a classically great aegyo that exuded charm and positivity.

On the other hand, Haruto was sexy from head to toe. Even his shy smile was heart-stopping!

After him, Asahi also jumped in to show his rather unique aegyo style. Though he was undoubtedly cute, it was also slightly—and endearingly—stiff. MC Kwanghee even commented, “It was cuteness that comes out of an awkward performance.”

Lastly, Junkyu showed an inadvertently funny “Kwiyomi.” Hyunsuk volunteered him, saying he was “perfect to show” another sexy style…though he quickly regretted his words!

At the very least, Junkyu was definitely confident!

Cute, sexy, and everything in between, TREASURE made their marks with their respective aegyo concepts.

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube


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