TREASURE’s Asahi Was About To Get Captured, Until Jihoon Swooped In To Save The Day

Get you a friend like Jihoon.

There’s nothing like a friend you can always count on! This was the sentiment of TREASURE‘s Asahi in the newest episode of TREASURE Map. Out of all his teammates, he relied the most on co-leader Jihoon.

The twelve members were separated into two groups, black and blue, and they were challenged to find coins hidden inside the new YG Entertainment building. They were allowed to chase a member of the opposite team for five seconds if they realized he had coins at hand.

Team Black | TREASURE/YouTube
Team Blue | TREASURE/YouTube

When the black team saw Asahi showing off his change, they knew he was an easy target.

His first instinct was not to hide or attack his pursuers, but to call Jihoon!

As if it was nothing for him, Jihoon approached Team Black’s Jeongwoo and Haruto who immediately ran in fear after seeing him.

The same thing happened just a few minutes later when Haruto and Jaehyuk cornered Asahi yet again. He could only scream, “Jihoon hyung!” at the top of his lungs.

He luckily came running right away, shouting, “Where are you?” His presence was enough to deter the other team as he stood protectively in front of Asahi to give him time to run away.

Finally, as if Asahi could never catch a break, he was caught by the black team for the last time before the second round ended. They learned their lesson and covered his mouth first so he couldn’t call for the co-leader.

Unfortunately for them, Jihoon had a sixth sense that something was wrong, and he rushed to Asahi’s side.

Is that Asahi? You should call me when you’re in danger!

— Jihoon

He confidently claimed, “I can keep you off with one hand!” He saved the younger member a third time, much to his delight.

Get you someone who will always help you out, just like what Jihoon did for Asahi!

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