What TREASURE’s Junkyu Wants, He Gets—Even If No One Understands His Desires

He’ll make things go his way!

TREASURE celebrated the Lunar New Year in Episode 33 of TREASURE MAP with a game called “Blue Marble.” They were separated into three teams: those who lived in Seoul, those who lived in the countryside, and those who lived in Japan.

From left to right: Hyunsuk, Doyoung, Yedam, Jaehyuk

They rolled the large-sized dice and moved that many spaces on the board. When Team Seoul landed on Thailand, they were faced with a tough challenge: wear acupressure slippers without socks, spin around ten times, and walk in a straight line to the table to grab the elephant doll.

Since the slippers are equally known for being painful to wear as they are for healing, many members cringed at hearing what they had to do.

My feet are too weak for this.

— Hyunsuk

Lucky for them, Doyoung was ready to face the challenge head on! In fact, it was easy as pie for him. His teammates shared how he wears them around the house often and “he can’t feel any pain.”

I’m good at this…I enjoy it!

— Doyoung

While this was happening, Junkyu from Team Countryside looked at Doyoung with awe—just because he wanted the slippers for himself!

Wow, I want those slippers! I’m jealous. They look refreshing.

— Junkyu

The younger member easily completed the game and won his team a few diamonds.

Meanwhile, Junkyu was the real winner of the day. The TREASURE MAP editors revealed that he actually took the slippers from the set and made them his own!

TMI: this guy took the slippers home.

— TREASURE Map Editors

What Junkyu wants, Junkyu gets! For more TREASURE antics, check out the full video below.