The Current Trending Recipe In South Korea That Even Jun Somi And MAMAMOO’s Solar Loves

You can even make it at home!

Move aside, Dalgona Coffee! The latest craze in South Korea, especially amongst health nuts is called the “kku-deok Greek yogurt”. Expensive when bought commercially, many have taken to making it themselves, even if it takes more than 9 hours to create.

Kku-deok simply means a texture that is “thick” and “sticky”. Think gelato ice cream or a ricotta cheese texture but for yogurt. The result is a gloriously decadent but healthy snack! Many have said it keeps them fuller than regular texture yogurt just by how rich it is.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar tried her hand at making it but shared that she wasted many bottles of milk trying to perfect the recipe. As her recipe starts from scratch and calls for the use of a yogurt starter, you might be daunted by the long process.

A quicker method would be to start off with store-bought Greek or drinking yogurt, but squeeze out the whey. The core of the recipe is simply to dehydrate your yogurt by expelling the liquids in the form of whey.

Jun Somi made her own version of the kku-deok yogurt which she topped with fruits and gifted to her managers.

Check out how she makes it below.

What are you waiting for? Try out the recipe for yourself below! It puts a whole new spin on the yogurt and granola trend that BLACKPINK‘s Rosé sent viral last year.


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