Troye Sivan Gives A Special Shoutout To BTS On Twitter

Australian singer Troye Sivan gave a special shoutout to BTS on his official Twitter account!

Source: Billboard

Troye held an “#AskTroye” session on Twitter, where fans asked him every and any question.

Source: glaad

One fan asked him if he knew BTS.

And he excitedly replied that he most certainly does!

A.R.M.Y were excited to see that Troye greatly appreciated BTS as musicians.

Jungkook and Rap Monster’s cover of “FOOLS” had gone viral all over the internet before.

And fans are hoping that a BTS x Troye Sivan collab may be in the near future!

Considering BTS’s collaboration with The Chainsmokers was a massive success, nothing seems impossible at this point!

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