“Me Tryna Zoom In” Netizens React To KARD BM’s Official “Big Tiddie Gang” Lightstick

Is this about to be the first official multi-fandom lightstick?

KARD‘s BM, also known as Big Matthew, was casually chatting with fans on a livestream in 2019 when answering a question about his pecs was followed with, “You gotta keep the man-tiddies up. Tiddie game gotta be strong.”

After his mention of “man-tiddies” during his livestream, X (then Twitter) set ablaze with related hashtags. The statement hilariously took on a life of its own, and the “Big Tiddie Gang” was born.

KARD’s BM | @bigmatthewww/Instagram

Since then, BM has recruited fellow male K-Pop idols to join the “Big Tiddie Gang,” including Wonho, PENTAGON‘s Hongseok, BTS‘s RM, SEVENTEEN‘s MingyuBaekho, MONSTA X‘s Shownu,  The Rose‘s Woosung, and more.

Wonho (left) and KARD’s BM (right) | @IMBigBangIsVip/Twitter

BM has used fans’ love for the group name and its slogan for good, creating official “Big Tiddie Gang” merch to help raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research through an apparel brand founded by BM’s mom, called Staydium.

While he continues to collect fellow idols for the committee and sell associated merch, BM has announced the newest chapter of the “Big Tiddie Gang,” which includes its first official lightstick.

The lightstick will be released on December 15, the preview of it is already garnering attention.

Netizens are reacting to the preview of the lightstick design, with some hilariously trying to get a closer look at the product, wondering just how literal the design may be…

…while others were excited at the prospect of an official multi-fandom lightstick, seeing as the BTG (Big Tiddie Gang) members span across multiple groups.

Finally, some were excited but expressed disappointment that KARD does not have an official lightstick despite having debuted in 2017. Hiddens (KARD’s fandom) were grateful however that BM was able to create a BTG lightstick in the meantime.

| @staydiumla/Instagram

Learn more about the “Big Tiddie Gang” below!

KARD’s BM Launches “Big Tiddie Gang” Merch To Support Breast Cancer Awareness And Research

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