TV Personality Voices Concern About How Popular Kimbap Is Getting In America

Trader Joe’s ran out of kimbap in a couple of weeks.

A TV personality from Italy expressed his concern over how popular the Korean food kimbap is overseas.

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On an episode of JTBC‘s reality show Knowing Bros, TV personalities of different nationalities who are popular in Korea appeared as guests.

Kris, Julian, Lucky, Christina, and Alberto on “Knowing Bros” | JTBC

One of them was Alberto Mondi, who is an Italian who has been active as an entertainer and businessman in Korea.

Alberto Mondi | @elalbe/Instagram

During the episode, the hosts and the guests talked about different food cultures. They first started talking about the coffee Koreans love to drink the most: americanos. According to Alberto and Italian TV personality Christina, “americano” means “American-style coffee,” and Italians think of it as “dirty water.”


Alberto also shared his opinion about pineapples on pizza.

When we look at [America], we think, ‘Oh man… How idiotic.’

— Alberto


In response, American TV personality Kristian Johnson humorously showed his anger.


Alberto then talked about the popularization of kimbap that is sweeping the United States and shared his concern that kimbap would follow the path of pineapples on pizza.

These days kimbap is famous in America. Kimbap is hard to find in America because it’s sold out. So now, I’m worried that they’re going to start putting pineapples on kimbap or something like that.

— Alberto


Earlier this year, the famous American grocery chain Trader Joe’s released frozen kimbap. The product became so popular through viral social media videos that there was a nationwide shortage. Korean Americans who grew up eating kimbap tried out the Trader Joe’s kimbap and uploaded their opinions on it on social media.

Trader Joe’s kimbap | Trader Joe’s

One Korean parent stated that it was “better than what they sell at the Korean grocery store,” creating more buzz around the product.


Source: JTBC and NBC News