TV Reporter Kim Il Joong Reveals Why BTS And ARMYs Favor Him To Host Their Events

ARMYs 200% agree.

South Korean TV personality Kim Il Joong is most well known for his unrivaled mastery of hosting different shows, on and off the screen. He is, in fact, one of the busiest news-anchor-turned-entertainer now, receiving plenty of invites to host fan meetings for the hottest K-Pop idol groups!


And in a recent episode of Happy Together, Kim Il Joong revealed that he is highly preferred by ARMYs to host BTS-related events, like press conferences and fan meetings. He lightheartedly called himself, “the official unofficial exclusive host for BTS”.


Kim Il Joong explained that one of his very first fan meetings to have hosted post quitting his news anchor life was BTS’s. Since then, BTS have been constant in working with Kim Il Joong for several of their events.

Whenever they hold concerts outside Korea, they hold a press conference once they arrive. For most, they have gotten in touch with me to host those conferences.

— Kim Il Joong


As to why BTS and ARMYs prefer him, Kim Il Joong playfully guessed that it is because he “doesn’t say anything stupid.” He pointed out that he does feel extra cautious when working with BTS, so he tries not to divert from what has been planned out.

Most of the time, these shows I host for BTS are being broadcasted all over the world. So I’m extra careful about what I say. I don’t improvise, I stick to the script 100%. ARMYs like that about me, you know? I don’t say anything stupid.

— Kim Il Joong


Then Kim Il Joong revealed that RM once asked him to work with BTS until the members enlist in the military. This “promise” that they made, Kim Il Joong shared, is why he considers himself “BTS’s go-to host”!

At one of the shows, after the event was over, I was saying goodbye to everyone off stage. That’s when RM approached me. He said, ‘Please take good care of us until we’re off to serve military duties.’ And RM being BTS’s leader… I decided that’s a promise with the whole group!

— Kim Il Joong


While he does not have anything planned with BTS in the near future, Kim Il Joong commented he looks forward to being there for BTS when they need him!


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