K-Sitcom “So Not Worth It” Actress Carson Allen Once Revealed That She Had Mixed Feelings About Playing Her Character

It didn’t help that she and her character shared the same name.

Netflix and tvN‘s Korean sitcom So Not Worth It (also known as Hope That The Earth Collapses Tomorrow) has quickly become a favorite among K-Drama fans, especially due to its diverse characters of multinational students living in Korea. One of the most beloved characters among fans of the show is Carson, an American student obsessed with Korean food that’s a bit like an ahjussi (middle-aged man).


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While she is loved by many, the actress who portrays her, Carson Allen, once revealed that she personally had mixed feelings about playing the character. In a resurfaced interview with DIVE Studios podcast NONSENSIBLE, she talked about her experience playing the character in So Not Worth It. However, this was before the series was released, and there was much news about her role.

Carson Allen in “So Not Worth It” | Netflix

Hosts Sam Harrington and Saul spoke with Carson about what it is like working as a foreigner in Korean entertainment. Saul also asked her specifically if she enjoyed playing “this character,” which we now recognize as the one in So Not Worth It. She hesitatingly revealed that portraying the character was not easy.

As a female, it is stressful, you know, because you always think about ‘I gotta look pretty,’ ‘People gotta think I look, you know, nice.’ …It is a little depressing to like … Recently, we got to like see a couple episodes, and it’s kind of hard to see myself looking so like I just woke up and rolled out of bed. …You put a lot of pressure on yourself, especially in Korea, you know, for people to think that you look beautiful…

— Carson Allen

She talked about how when she met with the creator about her hesitances, and he attempted to comfort her by saying that the character is “charismatic” and that “everybody’s gonna love you because you’re that unnie or that noona that’s just so chill and doesn’t care about her fashion.” Despite this, she still felt insecure about being portrayed as “ugly.”

Sam was sympathetic towards Carson’s struggle and said that while Carson is just playing a character, there are, unfortunately, many people who can’t differentiate the two. Carson added, saying that it doesn’t help that she shares the same name with hers.

It was stressful because the director would be like talking about my character, but he’s saying my name, and so he’s like, ‘Yeah, well, Carson, you’re like this.’ …He’ll be like … ‘Carson needs more stains on her shirt … Get more tteokbokki over there.’

— Carson Allen

She explained that having the same name as the character also made it more difficult to get in character since the differentiation between them was so blurred.

It was really hard for me because everybody’s calling me ‘Carson’ … on the show, and it’s like weird … and they really wanted me to … change my way of like speaking Korean … like an ahjussi … because that’s my character, but that’s not me.

— Carson Allen

Carson said that when she would go in for ADR (Automated or Additional Dialogue Replacement), she would have to relisten to clips of herself talking to remind herself how she spoke as the character because it was so unlike her. The director would also become frustrated if she sounded too “nice” and even say things like, “Where did Carson go?” and “I need the other Carson.” 

Saul told her that the actresses he admires most are actually the actresses who portray “ugly” characters then transform and stun on the red carpet. We think the same can definitely be said about Carson. Her duality is amazing, and we love her!


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Check out Carson’s full interview with NONSENSIBLE below:

Source: DIVE Studios and Image (1) and (2)