tvN’s “Salty Tour” Under Heavy Criticism for Filming in the Midst of COVID-19

“They’re not even wearing masks.” – Netizen

tvN’s Salty Tour took a break since their March 16 broadcast due to COVID-19, but they recently began filming again for their Jejudo special, which is receiving heavy criticism online.

The Jejudo special of Salty Tour also stars Red Velvet‘s Joy and So Yi Hyun in addition to the regular cast.

But many netizens are knitting their brows, criticizing the show for returning at a premature time.

Some of the comments include “Do they have to do this broadcast considering what’s been going on?“, “Why do they have to do this broadcast when a  group that went to Jejudo got COVID-19 not long ago?“, and “Seeing from the footage, they’re not even wearing masks“.

There is also great concern about how the show might motivate people to travel, especially with the nice weather just around the corner.

Following the 15th confirmed COVID-19 case in Jejudo, a tour group from Gunpo also tested positive for COVID-19 following their trip, raising worry within the island.

So with Salty Tour beginning filming, there is treat anticipation for how the show will proceed during such tricky times.

Source: Insight

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