The Singer Who Accidentally Became A Legendary Idol — And Proved His Friend Wrong

His friend didn’t have any faith in him.

Despite their obstacles, TVXQ became legends with songs that are still covered twenty years later. And even with two members remaining, they still sell out concerts and stun their juniors with their amazing performances.

Changmin and Yunho. | @tvxq.official/Instagram

However, becoming an idol wasn’t something one of the members had initially dreamed of doing. His journey started by coincidence.

| @changmin88/Instagram

When Changmin (also known as Max) was playing badminton during his gym class, an SM entertainment employee saw him and approached him with their business card. One of Changmin’s friends happened to see the interaction but didn’t have the kind of reaction you’d expect.

Instead of being excited that Changmin was street cast, he recalled his friend doing the exact opposite. He expressed how impossible it was.

He didn’t make a fuss. He didn’t say, ‘Wow, you got the business card.’ My friend knows me well. He said, ‘You don’t have enough talent to be a singer.’

— Changmin

After hearing his friend’s words, Changmin “didn’t tell others about it” and instead told his mother. She turned out to be his biggest supporter and gave him the push he needed. Changmin said, “My mom was curious and said, ‘Let’s try it.’

Without any skills in dancing or singing, Changmin auditioned for SM Entertainment and passed. Even though he “didn’t want to be a singer in the first place,” Changmin ended up training for a year and a half and debuting in TVXQ at fifteen years old.

So I did what they told me to do. I just didn’t have any thoughts.

— Changmin

Now Changmin is an experienced idol who’s part of a legendary group and has a successful solo career. He even welcomed a child with his non-celebrity wife.

| @changmin88/Instagram 

If Changmin didn’t prove his friend wrong by attending the audition and training hard, his life would’ve turned out quite differently. Everyone might’ve known him as a sports reporter instead, like he initially dreamed.