The Embarrassing Group Name All The SM Entertainment Trainees Used To Laugh At

“It was a super hot topic among trainees.”

For Jaefriends, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung and Kim Jaejoong took a walk down memory lane to recall their trainee days together. Those memories included some of the embarrassing group names SM Entertainment gave them, such as Jaejoong being a part of Smiles Bros with members of Super Junior.

Sooyoung also remembered being part of a group called Yeodan, which stood for Girl Group but could be interpreted as an army brigade. However, there was one group name the company’s trainees couldn’t stop laughing at.

Although Sooyoung was happy to see Jaejoong debut in TVXQ and achieve success, she pointed out how unusual their name was at the time, which translates to “Rising Gods of the East.

She revealed it was “a super hot topic among trainees” who couldn’t resist laughing at the group name. Ironically, TVXQ wasn’t the only group that was a victim of SM Entertainment’s unique names.

Jaejoong kept the laughter going by pointing out that Girls’ Generation’s name translated to “Generation of Girls.

After laughing about the group names they initially thought were embarrassing, they confirmed those were the names that eventually became iconic after gaining fame.

See them laugh about the unusual group names SM Entertainment gave them here.