TVXQ’s Yunho Thought His Leather Jacket Was Fire-Proof Until Heechul Set It On Fire

Luckily, Yunho wasn’t wearing the jacket

TVXQ’s Yunho and Super Junior’s Heechul have been friends since their trainee days, more than ten years ago.

However, their friendship has been full of ridiculous moments.

One particular story was revealed on Knowing Bros where TVXQ made a guest appearance. Here, Yunho told the story of his and Heechul’s first ever argument.

The casts and guests were discussing Yunho’s interest in home shopping which Yunho stated had all started with a leather jacket he bought as a trainee.

Upon hearing this, Heechul burst out laughing.

Knowing that this was a worthy moment for a good story, Heechul started it off.

 There was a leather jacket that won’t burn, they demonstrated it on TV and it didn’t burn.

Yunho was so enamoured by this advertisement that he decided that he had to buy this jacket that wouldn’t catch fire.

However, Heechul along with Donghae were unconvinced by Yunho’s enthusiasm for his new leather jacket.

It is a lie! Is there such a thing as a leather jacket that doesn’t catch fire?

Furthermore, Donghae stirred the pot by urging Yunho to test this. Donghae kept on asking Yunho to burn his leather jacket, slowly eating away at Yunho’s pride.

Yunho was increasingly hot-headed about this as Heechul and Donghae kept telling him that his jacket was not fireproof.

They kept pushing me. Burn it! Burn it! I was quite confident that it wouldn’t burn … So I insisted confidently, it’s a high quality jacket so it won’t burn

But unfortunately, Heechul interpreted Yunho’s statement as a sign that Yunho was willing to test his leather jacket.

So Heechul grabbed a lighter from his manager’s room and was ready to set the leather jacket on fire. Meanwhile Yunho was getting increasingly frustrated.

I was getting angry and I wondered, is there a chance it would? I don’t think it would.

But at that moment, Heechul lit the flame-proof leather jacket on fire.

I had never seen something burn that well

Yunho still defended himself after all these years claiming that normally, clothes are only in danger of small flames from lighters.

However, Heechul waved the lighter intensely and used a bigger flame which meant that there was no way it wouldn’t burn.

This led to Yunho and Heechul’s first fight due to how heated the teasing became.

However, Yunho didn’t make a complaint to the managers about Heechul and Donghae because the only way he was able to buy the leather jacket was because the Super Junior members always gave him their remaining coins.

It was by saving these coins that were given to him that Yunho was able to afford this leather jacket. Thus, really it was because of Heechul and Donghae that he had the leather jacket in the first place.

Since then, Yunho has still maintained his friendship with Heechul and Donghae after all these years.

While we may have savage friends like Heechul and Donghae, like Yunho, we know that at the end of the day, these friends have always had our backs and will be loyal to the very end.

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