A Fan Copied TWICE Dahyun’s Genie Makeup, Here’s How She Reacted

Dahyun also spoke about her experience when she dressed up as Genie!

At TWICE‘s fourth-anniversary fan meeting, “ONCE Halloween,” Dahyun had fans laughing as she dressed up as the Genie from Aladdin!

TWICE’s Dahyun

In a recent live broadcast, Dahyun revealed that a fan copied her makeup from when she dressed as Genie! Dahyun laughed when a fan commented, “I miss your Genie hairstyle.”

Dahyun then shared that in a recent fansign video call, a fan put on the same Genie makeup as she did!

Dahyun found this hilarious, and she had a lot of fun talking and laughing with this fan!

Dahyun was also quite thankful, as she knows how much work is needed for the Genie makeup.

Dahyun also shared that when she dressed up as Genie, her hair was tied up extremely tight.

Not only that, but Dahyun was talking with fans and dancing under stage lights, so she was quite hot.

When the fan meeting was over, and Dahyun finally got to take off the costume and makeup, she felt “free!”

It looks like Dahyun’s playfulness rubbed off on the fan!

Source: Naver Live