TWICE’s Dahyun Dressed Up As The Genie From Aladdin And Everyone Loved It

She didn’t hold back with her costume.

TWICE recently held their fourth-anniversary fan meeting “ONCE Halloween.” In the spirit of the holiday, the girls all dressed up in costumes. The one member who happened to catch everyone’s eye is Dahyun, and that’s because she was blue from head to toe. That’s right, folks, she was dressed as the Genie from Aladdin.

To make sure she was accurate to the character, her mic was made to look like the lamp the Genie is meant to come out from! Just look how excited she looks holding it.

What was even more adorable was when the staff came out on the stage… with the guys dressed up as Princess Jasmine and the girls dressed as the Genie!

After photos came out of Dahyun in her Genie costume, she trended worldwide on Twitter!

Dahyun has shown time and time again that she doesn’t mind joking and fooling around, making her even cooler than she already is. Wonder what she’ll dress up as next year?