TWICE Has A $1000 USD Penalty Every Time They Make A Big Mistake In Dance Practice

Here’s how it started 💸

TWICE is well-loved for their choreographies, which are always so flawless, high in energy, and synchronized.

It turns out that they’re so good because they have a penalty fee for those who make a mistake during practice!

In a video with Studio K, TWICE was seen going over a choreography. Unfortunately for Sana, she made the wrong move and was caught red-handed.

They told her she needed to pay the very expensive penalty of ₩518,000 KRW ($440 USD) to each member, which was already considered generous because they had deducted the “taxes.”

Hey Sana, we have a penalty rule. ₩518,000. We removed the tax, and you have to pay each one of us.

— Jihyo

That’s not all. In a post interview, Nayeon explained that although small mistakes are worth ₩518,000 KRW ($440 USD), big mistakes are worth a whopping ₩1,193,000 KRW ($1014 USD).

For each mistake, it’s ₩518,000, and if you make a big mistake, it’s ₩1,193,000.

— Nayeon

But why did they even start enforcing these pricey penalties? According to the girls, it’s because leader Jihyo needed the money!

Jihyo lacked money. It’s worse on Saturdays. I think it’s because she spends a lot the day before.


In Jihyo’s words, “It’s because it’s a Friday night.

Watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube