TWICE at the 2019 Golden Disc Awards: Performance Roundup

Watch all of their performances here!

For those who might have missed TWICE ringing in 2019 with a bang (including their record-breaking wins!) at the 2019 Golden Disc Awards, don’t worry.

We’ve got the performances right here.

Day 1: “The Best Thing I Ever Did” + “Say Yes”, “Heart Shaker”

Embracing the winter season, TWICE opted for a more subdued entrance for their trio of performances. While TWICE did not perform a full version of “The Best Thing I Ever Did,” the song worked wonderfully as part of a medley with “Say Yes.”

Dressed all in white, the group twinkled behind a snow-laden backdrop as they surrounded a large white leather sofa. As the first half of their performance, TWICE slowly built the excitement from moving from the slow, heart-moving ballad of TBTIED to the slightly more upbeat “Say Yes.”

“Say Yes” was performed as the full track, though disappointingly the camera work was a bit funky – preventing ONCEs from getting the full impact of the performance.

“Heart Shaker,” meanwhile, was the best way to end their performance of the night. Not only because it fit into the “winter theme” TWICE was evoking, but because the song itself is cute, charming, and bright – all things associated with the holidays.

Day 2: “BDZ” (Korean Version) + “What is Love?”

TWICE’s Day 2 performances went in a different direction, instead going for a bit more of a “girl crush” style.

Switching out their white outfits for all black, TWICE were ready to rock the house with fun and dynamic performances of “BDZ” and “What is Love?”

Supposedly, Momo was not feeling well during the event (to the point where sat out for most of the show), but her professionalism showed tremendously by still giving 100% during the group’s performances.

Also, in a cute mishap, one of the member’s jewelry kept hitting a mic, and the jingle-jangle of the hits rang out across the entire stadium (and the performance!)

Seeing TWICE perform a medley of their most recent songs (and a surprise debut performance of “The Best Thing I Ever Did”!) was no doubt a nice belated “Christmas gift” for ONCEs in thanks for all they did for the group during 2018.

Source: SQ K-Pop


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