TWICE Believes They’re All Unique, But They Think One Member Is The Most “Abnormal” Of All

Here’s who they picked.

After joining the fandom and learning more about TWICE, fans would know that hardly any of them can really be considered normal. Surprisingly, the members themselves think the same way!


When TWICE appeared on Tei’s Dream Radio in 2017, they were each asked to pick the most abnormal member.

It’s the abnormal award! It’s an award given to those different from us, for someone who surprised fans and the members with unusual actions or words.

— Tei’s Dream Radio

It was difficult to predict who would end up garnering the most votes because, in Jihyo‘s words, “Honestly, everyone is abnormal.”

Ultimately, however, the winner of the award was none other than Nayeon!

In the certificate that she received, she was praised for her eccentric 4D personality.

Throughout 2017, this member surprised people with a 4D personality different from others.

— Tei’s Dream Radio

The members who chose her called her “unique” and explained that she often displays unusual behaviors. For example, when they’re in the practice room, she tries new and weird choreographies.

She’s unique. She has a lot of unusual behaviors. During dance practice, she always does some new and weird but fun choreography.


The anonymous members concluded with, “Her regular life is abnormal.

Mina (left) and Nayeon (right)

Watch the full radio show episode below!

Source: YouTube


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