Korean ONCEs Choose Which TWICE Members Are Best And Worst Suited To TWICE’s Concepts

These K-Netz don’t think the cute concept fits every TWICE member.

Each TWICE comeback gifts ONCEs with a lovable, new concept, but some Korean fans feel that these concepts have suited some members better than others.


Since debut, TWICE has found creative ways to match various looks with their sweet, bubblegum pop sound, such as dressing the members in uniforms…


…Halloween costumes…


..and colourful, retro clothes (just to name a few!).


Although each comeback is refreshing, TWICE has kept an overall sweet, girl-next-door vibe, even in their latest “BDZ” MV, wherein the members rescue the Lovelies from kidnappers.


Teasers for the music video initially had fans wondering if TWICE would be releasing a gritty and/or girl-crush concept.


On a popular Korean forum, Korean ONCEs recently discussed which members best suit TWICE’s current cute style, and which would flourish if given a sexier, darker one.  Some K-Netz believe that Chaeyoung‘s sassy, sharp visuals would lend well to an aegyo-free concept.

  • Chaeyoung’s not the type of person to be dressing cutely and singing ‘Knock Knock!’ with aegyo


The same goes for Momo‘s powerful dancing skills.

  • It’s a waste for Chaeyoung but for Momo too. Her cover for ‘Be Mine’ was legendary but watching TWICE’s performances makes me sigh


Fans have also expressed the desire to see Tzuyu and Mina delve into sexier looks and darker themes.

  • Tzuyu, Mina and Chaeyoung suit dark concepts. They just don’t match cute concepts.


On the other hand, some ONCEs feel that Nayeon and Sana have benefitted the most from TWICE’s cute concepts.

  • Nayeon and Sana are the best fitted for TWICE’s conceptsㅋㅋThey fit so well


In the end, concepts come and go, but one thing will never change; ONCE’s love for TWICE!