TWICE Breaks Down In Tears At Recent Concert Because They Miss Mina

They couldn’t hold their emotions back.

At TWICE‘s Singapore concert stop forΒ TWICELIGHTS, member Mina was missing due to health reasons. And, the rest of the group felt it deeply.

While hearing Mina’s vocals in the backtrack or at the mention of her name, the girls visibly became emotional. And they became even more so when watching a special video that was prepared featuring all nine members.

All the girls began to cry for their missing member, with Dahyun wiping away Sana‘s tears for her and Sana returning the favor.

But, they made sure to show their support for Mina and promised to come back as nine in the future.

Even one member can make a major difference in a group, and TWICE made sure that fans knew the importance of all of them as one.