TWICE’s Chaeyoung Differs From Her Members In One Way…And It’s Too Cute To Handle

She may be different, but fans still love her the same!

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is multitalented and can sing, rap, and dance…but there is one thing she can’t do, unlike her members.

On an episode of Knowing Bros., the members of TWICE were challenged to form a “split line” running from wall to wall. Dahyun was up first and did it with ease.

The members must connect with one another, starting from Dahyun’s point and running to the opposite end of the room. Momo was up next.

Sana was third, showing her flexibility with a horizontal split.

Tzuyu makes it look much easier than it actually is. Until the camera zooms out, her expression looks as if she’s sitting regularly.

Suddenly, at Chaeyoung’s turn, things start to go bad.

The maknae can’t do it!

— Host

Chaeyoung struggles to go down to a split but painfully hovers in the air a few inches off the ground.

The captions hilariously dub in that Chaeyoung has reached her limit as she whines, her expression changing from laughter to a grimace.

Save me!

— Chaeyoung

Eventually, TWICE decide to do the split line with the five most flexible members and the results are aesthetically pleasing! Sadly, Chaeyoung doesn’t partake in this split line, but perhaps it’s for the better.

Even though Chaeyoung is not as flexible as her fellow members, she still has many strengths as an artist and fans cherish her the same!

Watch the full hilariously adorable clip below!