TWICE’s Chaeyoung Gives Sincere Apology to Fellow Members for Her Cold Personality

Chaeyoung’s heartfelt apology nearly moved her fellow members to tears.

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon, Momo, Mina, Sana, and Chaeyoung recently appeared on KBS’s Hometown Report upon their comeback, where they experienced the lifestyle of working in the countryside.


And during a chat over dinner, the members wrote each other letters about what they were thankful for as well as what they were apologetic for since their debut.

And Chaeyoung’s apology in particular nearly put her fellow members to tears.

She wrote,

I tend to be cold, so I’m not very good at expressing myself. I’m sorry about that. I think that’s why I always tell you things through letters. I love you, guys.

– Chaeyoung

And her fellow members were touched, to say the least.

Luckily, Jeongyeon lightened up the mood with her letter expressing what she’s thankful and sorry for.

Our members are very considerate. Thank you for being friends and family who comfort each other and yield to each other. And thank you for putting up with my jokes. Also, I’m sorry I’m so pretty.

– Jeongyeon

Following TWICE’s recent comeback with “MORE & MORE”, the members have been making various appearances on TV shows as well.

Check out the gorgeous MV below:

Source: Insight