TWICE’s Chaeyoung Had The Best Response To “Fans” Harassing Her About Mina

She didn’t let her live get taken over by fans asking for other members.

Even though TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is part of the group’s maknae-line, that doesn’t stop her from sometimes being the sassy queen that everyone needs.


During her latest solo live broadcast, Chaeyoung tapped into that side when she was bombarded with comments asking to see other members—particularly Mina.

Mina and Chaeyoung.

As Chaeyoung hummed to a song and scrolled through comments, she came across one that appeared to have popped up too often. She read it aloud, “Can you call Mina?

Before she answered, Chaeyoung took her time and leaned back, preparing to drop one of the sassiest comebacks that’s already a favorite among ONCEs.

After fixing her hair, Chaeyoung leaned forward and shouted, “No!” Since many comments focused on seeing interactions between her and Mina, it was a relief to fans that Chaeyoung stopped them from derailing the live broadcast.

Although Chaeyoung later explained that she didn’t feel comfortable calling others, that didn’t stop the numerous requests to see other members throughout the live broadcast.

TWICE is far from the only group that faces this issue. At least, Chaeyoung handled it in the best way she could.

Source: Naver Live