TWICE’s Chaeyoung Picks Her Favorite Style From All The Concepts She Tried Before

They all look amazing, but this one is her fave.

In a recent interview with GQ Korea, TWICE‘s Chaeyoung held a “Style Tournament” and picked out her favorite from all the concepts and styles she has rocked in the past, either on stage or in selfies!


The first round was between “Chic” and “Elegant”, chic-Chaeyoung took the win.


Between “Chic” and “Pure”, chic-Chaeyoung won again!


Just as ONCEs thought chic-Chaeyoung would race its way to victory, it was defeated by “Bright” in the next round of Bright vs. Chic.

This picture has strawberries in it, so…

— Chaeyoung


Between “Bright” and “Smart”, Chaeyoung didn’t connect too well with the smart concept.

I’m not that smart though.

— Chaeyoung


The bright-Chaeyoung seemed to be going strong, but against “Boyish” it stood no chance. Chaeyoung chose her boyish style without much hesitation!


In the next round, Chaeyoung chose “Boyish” again over “Cutesy”.


When she had to pick between the boyish-Chaeyoung and the sporty-Chaeyoung, she went with “Sporty” because she was into the active lifestyle!


Between “Sporty” and “Sexy” though, Chaeyoung switched over to the sexy-Chaeyoung.

This isn’t something I can show my fans all the time. So I think I’ll go with this one.

— Chaeyoung


For the next round, between Sexy-Chaeyoung and Unique-Chaeyoung, she had some trouble. Eventually, “Unique” won this round!

Oh, this one’s kind of hard.

— Chaeyoung


Unique-Chaeyoung easily trumped “Comic” – although Chaeyoung did love her comic side too. She commented, “Comic concepts are fun too!” But it wasn’t enough to defeat Chaeyoung’s love for unique concepts.


Last, but not least, Chaeyoung had to choose between “Girl Crush” and “Unique”…


After 11 rounds of fierce competition, Chaeyoung’s best concept turned out to be the “Girl Crush” concept!

My fans really like my girl-crush style, so I’m going to choose this one.

— Chaeyoung


And Chaeyoung is absolutely correct. ONCEs love all of Chaeyoung’s concepts…


… but Girlcrush-Chaeyoung is one they will never turn down!


Watch the full clip here: