TWICE’s Chaeyoung Shows Off Her Tattoo In A Sexy, Backless Dress

Red is Chaeyoung’s color!

TWICE’s Chaeyoung has gained attention from netizens over the years for a variety of different reasons.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @twicestagram/Instagram

From her cool, and artsy fashion sense…

…to her creative and fun Instagram feed…

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram
| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

…to her various little tattoos, Chaeyoung has always known how to stand out!

While Chaeyoung has always shown off her smaller tattoos, there is one that fans have been waiting to see in full, and that is the one on her lower back. Fans got some glipses of it during TWICE’s Twicelights tour and in various dance practices.

Now Chaeyoung has given fans another sneak peek of her tattoo, and looked smoking hot while doing so!

In mid-November, Chaeyoung visited the FERRAGAMO flagship store in Seoul and had her experience documented by W Korea.ย Photos from her visit show her in a chic outfit from the brand as she makes her way through the store.

| W Korea
| W Korea

In addition to the tan two-piece outfit, Chaeyoung also wore what appeared to be a conservative red dress.

Just a few days after the event, Chaeyoung shared a few photos from the visit featuring the red dress, and showed that while the front was extremely covered, the back featured a huge opening that exposes her upper and lower back!

Because of how low the dress’s back is, you can also see a part of her lower back tattoo!

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram
| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Fans have been reacting to how good she looks and getting another peek at the tattoo.



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