TWICE Shows The Creative Process Behind Recreating Their Children’s Day Photos

Their teamwork pulled off the perfect photos!

TWICE recently recreated their childhood photos in honor of Children’s Day. The result was adorable, but what we didn’t see in the pictures was the effort that went into capturing the perfect images. Luckily, TWICE provided us a behind-the-scenes look in their latest TWICE REALITY video!

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To complete their mission of recreating their childhood photos, the members split into three groups. MomoSana, and Mina partnered up for the challenge, and Mina quickly got caught up in Sana and Momo’s antics.

Mina’s childhood photo was from her first day of kindergarten. Her pose and outfit resembled a penguin in the original image, earning her the cute nickname, “Minguin.” Sana and Momo directed Mina as she copied her original pose, trying to figure out how to capture the essence of the original photo and not make Mina look too short. Mina stood there patiently smiling while the other two members figured it out. 

Momo’s photo recreation was also relatively easy. Mina and Sana paid attention to detail and meticulously guided Momo through different head tilts until they found the perfect one.

They realized they needed someone to sit in the background for the final photo. Momo and Sana hilariously volunteered Mina to sit in as an extra. Mina played her role and proved her patience as they wrapped their mission with Sana’s completed photo.

NayeonTzuyu, and Chaeyoung joined together for their photoshoot. To recreate Chaeyoung’s photo, they got creative by using the back of the restroom door. 

Nayeon gave her seal of approval on Chaeyoung’s dimples, and the photo recreation was a success.

During Nayeon’s recreation, Tzuyu had the most relatable reaction when she was distracted by how cute Nayeon’s cheeks were. Nayeon humorously agreed and skillfully completed her photo recreation.

Last up for their group was Tzuyu. For the group’s maknae, they found a corner of the room that was perfect for her backdrop. They got to work making the background as similar to her original photo as possible, even cutting green posterboard to tape on the wall.

The older members skillfully positioned Tzuyu’s arms like a doll to get the final photo.

The final group was JihyoJeongyeon, and Dahyun. Jeongyeon and Dahyun were Jihyo’s biggest cheerleaders as she took her photo, wondering how it was possible she still looked as youthful as the original photo.

To get her to smile bigger, they jokingly spoke to her like a young child to get a genuine reaction from the group’s leader. Jeongyeon hurried the process by reminding Jihyo that the sooner she was done with her picture, the sooner they could eat lunch.

With a picture-perfect backdrop, they snagged the ideal photo.

Jeongyeon’s photo was fairly simple so they didn’t run into many issues recreating it. That didn’t stop perfectionists Jihyo and Dahyun from directing every movement to get the perfect pose.

Jihyo and Jeongyeon were put to work for Dahyun’s photo. Jihyo held a bundle of flowers behind Dahyun’s head to create the pretty backdrop seen in her childhood photo. When they paused to evaluate the pictures Jeongyeon took, she was hilariously removed from her role as photographer and took Jihyo’s place instead.

After fixing the floral bundles to the tree, both Jihyo and Jeongyeon directed Dahyun for a pretty photo recreation.

You can check out the full video below to see more of the creative process behind their Children’s Day photo recreations!

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