TWICE’s “Perfect World” Choreographers Are “Super Thankful” To The Girls—Here’s Why

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TWICE‘s “Perfect World” choreographers—Street Woman Fighter dance crew LACHICA—expressed their gratitude to the members in a recent reaction video.

Rian (left), Simeez (center), and Gabee (right) | @la.chica_official/Instagram

While watching the girls perform, Gabee revealed that she was shocked when she saw the “Perfect World” music video for the first time.

The TWICE members really pulled it off well. This definitely isn’t an easy choreo, but they still did it really well. We were shocked when we first saw the MV.

— Gabee

She and her members, Rian and Simeez, all had the same initial thought: “Everything we choreographed was inside!

Simeez described the fact that TWICE didn’t change the choreography as “really awesome.”

It’s really awesome that they didn’t change much and just used our choreography.

— Simeez

TWICE only made minor changes to the chorus and some of the most difficult parts. Knowing that, LACHICA felt happy that their work was appreciated and hardly anything went to waste.

They only slightly modified the difficult movements and just a bit of the chorus. Other than that, everything we planned was included. It feels good when this happens.

— Gabee

Gabee expressed her gratitude to TWICE, saying, “They used the choreo well, so we’re super thankful for that.

If TWICE were to hear LACHICA’s sincere words, they’d probably feel touched! It’s also incredible that members are so skilled at dancing that they can keep up with the choreography of professional dancers.

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

Aside from thanking TWICE for using majority of their choreography, LACHICA also compared TWICE’s dance style to their own. Read more about it here:

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