The Biggest Difference Between The Dance Styles Of TWICE And Choreographers, According To A Dance Crew

How does TWICE compare to professional choreographers?

According to Gabee of Street Woman Fighter dance crew LACHICA, there’s one obvious difference between TWICE‘s dance style and their own.

LACHICA’s Gabee | @theseoulstory/Twitter
TWICE’s Momo

Gabee revealed her thoughts after watching TWICE perform “Perfect World,” which she and other LACHICA members personally choreographed.

Her initial thought was that TWICE successfully managed to make the choreography their own, incorporating their own style to it and transforming it into an idol-worthy dance.

After watching this, I’ve realized that they really pulled it off well using their own vibes. They really danced to make it idol-worthy.

— Gabee

In comparison, LACHICA’s version solely focused on strength and movements.

When we did it, it was just full of strength. We only focused on the gestures and movements.

— Gabee

TWICE placed less importance on intensity and more emphasis on facial expressions. Gabee found that to be admirable and a true show of how professional they are!

They really considered how to make it match the song more while nailing their own facial expressions. So I think they are really professionals. Really like pros. They didn’t do it so intensely. It really is different from ours.

— Gabee

Concluding her thoughts, Gabee resolved to make choreographies while keeping in mind that K-Pop idols need to still express themselves.

I have this thought. When planning idol choreography, when choreographing K-Pop female dances, rather than something so intense, it should be something they can pull off while still expressing their own selves. That would be better.

— Gabee

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