TWICE Revealed Their Most Hilarious Concert Mistakes…And They Will Make You Wheeze

So THAT’s what happens when the lights turn off during concerts.

TWICE once revealed the accidents, mistakes, and slip-ups on stage that made them laugh the hardest — and you’re guaranteed to laugh along with them.

Nayeon begins by discussing what happens when the lights go out at concerts. Fans can’t see anything, and honestly — neither can they.

However, she realized someone was out of place.

But one time, I bumped into Momo, so I guided her to her spot.

— Nayeon

She made one slight miscalculation.

…But it turned out to be Mina’s spot!

— Nayeon

When the lights came on, this left both Mina and Momo in an awkward situation.

Remember this next time the girls are giggling as the lights turn on, chances are that something happened during the break!

It can be especially difficult to keep a straight face for serious songs.

Another moment TWICE revealed was when Dahyun was performing her solo stage to “Rainism.” Fans suddenly heard Jihyo‘s voice. She definitely wasn’t singing. In fact, she was complaining about her ill-fitting shoe!

As the music began, Jihyo’s voice was heard again. This time, fans realized that her mic was accidentally left on and began to crack up at the hilarious situation.

Why is my shoe so big?

— Jihyo

Lastly, TWICE named Tzuyu‘s adorable slip-up as one of their funniest moments.

After realizing she sang the words with the wrong timing, her look of confusion was too cute. She even made eye-contact with Sana after as if she felt a bit guilty for her mistake!

Nayeon’s reenactment of guilty Tzuyu is one for the books.

Check out the girls laugh their butts off about their funniest stage moments below!