TWICE Was Once Convinced Jeongyeon Had A Serious Crush On Her Teacher

She set things straight 😂

TWICE once thought Jeongyeon had a crush on her teacher, but it was all a hilarious misunderstanding! The girls discovered the truth in a past radio show appearance on Kim Shin Young‘s Noon Song of Hope.

Taking inspiration from TWICE’s song “What Is Love”, radio host Kim Shin Young asked if they had any experience with a painful first love.

Is there anyone here who had a painful first love? Because this song is about fluttering feelings, but there are also parts where you sing while going, “Ah, I had felt those fluttering feelings at a certain time in the past.

— Kim Shin Young

Jihyo revealed that Jeongyeon had told them she liked her teacher in the past: “Jeongyeon, you said you liked your Chinese Characters teacher.

With a confused expression on her face, Jeongyeon clarified, “My Chinese Characters teacher was a female teacher (so it’s not like that).

Everyone in the room burst out laughing at the surprising plot twist. Jihyo wasn’t expecting that reversal!

Nayeon then explained why the members made that assumption.

Yesterday, during a quiz, she said she did the best on Chinese Characters during her school days because she liked her Chinese Characters teacher.

— Nayeon

Naturally, they assumed she was referring to a male teacher she had a crush on: “So of course we thought they would be a male teacher.

Jihyo agreed with Nayeon, saying that’s the reason why she brought it up in the first place.

Watch the full video below to see more of TWICE!

Source: Once Zone Subs