TWICE Open Up About The Dark Reality Of Fame And How They Try To Cope

TWICE’s popularity doesn’t come without struggles.

TWICE recently sat down for an interview with Cosmopolitan, where they showed off their ethereal visuals.

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In the interview, TWICE opened up about their success and even the first time the members truly felt the extent of their popularity.

Chaeyoung, Nayeon, and Mina | Cosmopolitan

And while TWICE are incredibly grateful for their fans, the members also shared that there are definitely dark sides to fame.

Sana and Jeonyeon shared their fear of sasaengs (obsessive “fans”) who stalk the idols and leak their personal information. Sana even specified that she’s scared to carry her passport at airports, worried someone will take photos of her personal information.

I’m really worried about my personal information leaking, especially at the airports. When I’m showing my passport, sometimes people are taking pictures from above.


And Jeongyeon mentioned the all-too-common incident of sasaengs getting ahold of idols’ phone numbers.

I get random calls these days on my cell phone. Sometimes I worry about that and how that happened.


Sana, Jeongyeon, and Dahyun | Cosmopolitan

And while their privacy is always a concern, Jihyo and Tzuyu also discussed the difficulty of an almost nonexistent work-life balance.

I don’t want to call it a downside of fame, but I have to say that we are just super busy right now and I don’t have enough individual me-time. I would like to have a little bit more.


Tzuyu emphasized that while TWICE are super grateful for their fans, their schedules are never-ending.

For me it’s very similar [to Jihyo]. I’m just so thankful for the love that we’ve received. And it would be great if we can have a little bit more time to care for ourselves so that we can recuperate.


Jihyo, Tzuyu, and Momo | Cosmopolitan

But fortunately, despite the hardships that TWICE endure with their frequent schedules, the members always make sure to take time to take care of their well-being.

While relaxing would be difficult during a tour, Dahyun has a tried and true formula.

[To relax while I’m touring,] I eat. Our staff always prepares really healthy and delicious foods, so that’s the most important part after the concerts. And personally, I take a bath and I nap. And sometimes I look up funny clips on YouTube.


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And Momo explained that all the members look after one another to ensure they have energy.

When we’re working, there are certain members who are more energetic than others. When I’m tired and not at my best, they really make me laugh and just by talking to them I get more energy. And when they’re tired, I make them laugh.


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And Mina even explained that her members’ support is the only reason she can tackle new experiences.

I’m a person who spends a lot of time alone and it really helps me [cope with difficulties] when other members ask me to do things I would not do on my own. For example, because of other members, I got to experience water-skiing, and they invited me to eat great food.


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As Nayeon pointed out, TWICE rely on each other when they’re struggling since they all go through the same situations together.

Because we work together, we experience similar hardships. But I learn from other members when they don’t complain about those hardships. It even energizes me to watch other members do that.


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