TWICE’s Dahyun Called ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo “Oppa” and the Flirting Became Real

Dahyun and Eunwoo had the most adorable interaction.

On MBC’s The Imaginarium, TWICE‘s Dahyun and ASTRO‘s Eunwoo paired up to create and act in a short clip together. When the two idols got together to discuss their scenes, they found out they have quite a bit in common!

Eunwoo brought up the fact that he and Dahyun went to the same high school and suggested they become friends.

Dahyun felt extra shy when he suggested they drop the honorifics and be casual with each other!

So Dahyun tried calling Eunwoo “oppa”, because he is a year older than she is. When Dahyun couldn’t quite get herself to look Eunwoo in the eye and call him “oppa” though, he had the cutest reaction!

Then Eunwoo called Dahyun by her name and made her blush in hot pink!

Fans immediately fell in love with this pair’s chemistry. Watch the sparks fly all over the room in this full video: