TWICE Dahyun Shows Off Her Sixth-Sense Yet Again

Her “psychic” powers are still going strong.

TWICE‘s Dahyun once again showed off her unique “psychic” abilities, at 2018 MAMA Fans’ Choice in Japan. 


Over the years, fans have noticed that Dahyun has an unbelievable, special ability that even some veteran performers lack: the ability to always find and make eye contact with any camera that’s filming her…


…no matter where she is!


Dahyun  “senses” cameras before her members do and looks right into the lens as if she is making eye contact with the person behind it.


During TWICE’s performance of “Dance the Night Away”, Dahyun proved that her “sixth sense” is still going strong. She made eye contact with four different cameras within seconds!


As always, ONCEs were impressed with Dahyun’s skills.


Some have even jokingly suggested that the camera operators were testing Dahyun, to see if the rumors were true!


To see Dahyun’s sixth sense in action, check out TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away” stage here.